cytoband view


"cytoband view" is a viewer for the Human chromosome cytoband (Human Genome, UCSC hg.19). When you point to a band, the band name (like, Chr.8q12.1) will be shown. Colors of bands change to make a good show.

Git Repository

Inside of Program


  1. It automatically downloads cytoBand.txt.gz from the UCSC Human annotation site and stores to a local machine cache (
  2. The data is read and is stored to objects (
  3. After that, the data is set to the appropriate position according to the bands using base pairs (
  4. To draw the data, it uses the Rect class for each band (
  5. It also uses the mouseOverCallBack for testing mouse hits to objects. When the mouse is on the objects, it writes messages to the band name and draw strokes to the band (
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